width="250"Last Week Genesus sent their Seventh planeload of High Health Swine Genetics to Agroholding Mercury Company.

Agroholding Mercury’s Kievo-Juraki division produced 220,000 commercial pigs this year with further expansion underway.

Jack Mardorowicz Genesus Sales Director on Mercury’s account recently had the honour to discuss the Mercury project with Georgi Mamedov, Russia’s Ambassador to Canada.  Russia is actively looking for the leading Swine Genetic Technology for its industries. Genesus is North America’s largest swine genetic exporter and world’s largest registrar of Swine Registered Purebred Genetics. “Mercury is a leading producer of pigs in Russia.  Our association with them over the last four years has been excellent.  We find working with Russia clients a very rewarding experience as we see them discover the improved results from using the best genetics available.” – Jim Long, President & CEO Genesus Inc.

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