We are pleased to announce that Carlos Peralta and Roberto Carlos Rodriguez have joined Genesus as of January 1st, 2013 as President and Vice-President of Genesus Mexico. As Genesus Mexico Representatives, Rodriguez and Peralta’s responsibilities will include sales and marketing. Carlos Peralta CARLOS PERALTA, DVM & Animal Science  graduated from UNAM with a Master in Business Administration officially certified by Harvard Business School. He has also taken several courses in Agribusiness from Harvard University. Carlos joined PIC in 1991 as Mexico’s General Manager. Later in 1999 he was appointed Vice President for PIC Latin America. In 2006 Carlos was appointed as President of Latin America for the Pig (PIC) and Shrimp (SyAqua) divisions of Genus PLC. Carlos played a significant role in the company’s growth and the establishment of its leadership position in Latin America. Carlos then worked as International Commercial Director with JSR Genetics, then at ViaGen Inc. as Business Developer for the Asian Region.   Throughout the last few years Carlos has been an independent consultant in the pig industry. With his vast knowledge of the industry and extensive management experience Carlos will be able to fulfill all of the aspects related to creation of new sales accounts and establishing multipliers in Mexico. Carlos lives in Queretaro, Mexico, with his wife Connie, and his children Maria José (22) and Juan Carlos (20). ROBERTO CARLOS RODRIGUEZ, DVM  – graduated from UNAM. Since 1989 he has been the Pork Production Professor at University of Queretaro, Mexico.Carlos Rodriguez Roberto Carlos had a successful career with PIC starting in 1977.  He provided training for its staff and managed the Production Department as well as being Operations Manager for PIC Mexico. Roberto Carlos is well versed in swine genetic sales and distribution. Roberto Carlos has been involved with his local pork producer association as its Director.  He has also been a consultant for his municipal government, for independent pork producers and for numerous swine production systems in Mexico. Roberto Carlos will be vital part of Genesus Mexico.  He will be providing service for all the swine genetic needs to our customers in this country. Roberto Carlos lives in Queretaro, Mexico with his wife Laura and his children Juan Ramon (29), Juan Jesus (27) and Juan Luis (25). Carlos & Carlos had this to say about Genesus: Genesus is a global company that is focused on the real life benefit for the worldwide pig producers. Genesus maintains the genetic breeds (Landrace, Yorkshire and Duroc) that represent a real advantage for the producers because they are able to obtain the results that the other producers can only dream of achieving.  Genesus has excellent customer service; they are efficient and have a dynamic Research and Development Department. Genesus has excellent product performance with top-notch value added services.   If you compare Genesus with the rest of the genetic suppliers, Genesus is far above all of the rest. Genesus is focused on improvement of Litter size,  Pig survival, Growth rate, Feed Consumption, Meat Quality, weight produced per sow per year, which all represent the key performance indicators. Genesus has 53% of all purebreds registered in Canada, which elevates both our confidence and the confidence of the pig producer in Genesus’ ability to deliver everything that is promised and more.  Those are the main reasons we are proud to be part of Genesus and we are excited to share Genesus Genetics with all the pig producers in our region of influence. ~Carlos & Carlos, Genesus Mexico

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