GENESUS Exports Almost 1,100 Canadian Breeding Pigs to the Philippines

May 21-1 On April 30, 2013 a full air charter shipment of 1,098 breeding pigs supplied by GENESUS Genetics of Canada arrived successfully at General Santos Airport located on the southern Philippine island of Mindanao. Receiving the shipment was Biotech Farms Inc.,  a successful Mindanao based farming company with both swine and poultry operatioMay 21-2ns. Included in the shipment was a complete purebred breeding nucleus consisting of Yorkshire and Landrace maternal line boars and gilts as well as Duroc terminal line boars and gilts.  The imported pigs will form the basis of a new 600 sow “in-house” purebred nucleus herd and 2400 sow commercial herd expansion currently being constructed by the PIG PRO division of PROLINE Group Canada Ltd. who also designed and built most of Biotech’s existing 2400 sow commercial production system. The newly imported genetics will be used to first help fill Biotech’s current nucleus and commercial herd expansions as well as to eventually replace the entire existing commercial breeding herd.  GENESUS will work closely and over the long term with Biotech Farms Inc. to help manage and support the breeding herd and to assist with genetic improvement and selection decisions at the nucleus level with direct linkage to the GENESUS genetics database in Canada. Regular importations of fresh semen will also occur to further maintain and improve the imported genetics. The entire program will be managed and run under the direction of GENESUS’ geneticists in Canada.  Congratulations and Best Wishes to Biotech Farms Inc. and GENESUS Genetics on their new Swine Genetic Alliance.

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