Genesus Welcomes Dr. Nicholas Boddicker

Genesus is very pleased to announce the appointment of Nicholas Boddicker, MSc PhD to the position of Geneticist. In his new position, Dr. Boddicker will provide leadership in the genomics area in addition to collaborating with other Genesus staff on a variety of R&D projects. Dr. Bob Kemp, Vice President of Genetic Programs and R&D notes that:  “Dr. Boddicker will join an active Genetic Program and R&D group at Genesus and his expertise will broaden the capabilities of that group.” Nick completed both his MSc and PhD studies at Iowa State University. His PhD research focused on genetic effects on pig health, specifically Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome virus (PRRSV). He estimated genetic parameters of traits related to PRRSV infection, and identified and characterized genomic regions associated with piglet response to PRRSV infection. His MSc research focused on a comparison of pigs selected for low residual feed intake with unselected pigs for performance, carcass composition and maintenance requirements. “We look forward to the contributions Nick will make to the Genesus genetic programs and research and development. His outstanding research contributions to the pig industry during his graduate studies, knowledge of genomic evaluation and analysis, and desire to work in the pig genetics industry make him an excellent choice for this position.  Genesus has invested significantly in our genetic and R&D programs and finding the right people to support and move these programs forward is a key to the future of Genesus” says Dr. Kemp. Dr. Boddicker has made several presentations at scientific and industry meetings on the results of his research. He also has an outstanding publication record with 6 peer-reviewed publications, and 28 abstracts either first author or a coauthor. Nick was raised on a farm near Newhall, Iowa. Nick and his wife Rebecca have a daughter, Lydia and reside near Rochester, MN. For more information contact:   Dr. Nicholas Boddicker

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