Rosedale Team Launches Baker Colony

Baker Colony is the new project from Rosedale Colony, based in Etzikom, Alberta. The colony is situated southeast of Foremost, a thriving agricultural area. The management team of Baker Colony consists of John Waldner, George Waldner, and Joseph Hofer. The swine unit will be managed by Ed Hofer and Ken Waldner.

The colony grows regular large grains that suit the area, as well as specialty crops to maintain a good rotation. Baker also has a new 30,000 layer free run operation in production. The new swine unit is a 122,000 square feet facility that will house 600 sow farrow to finish. Companies involved in the construction of Baker Colony include Big Dutchman, Mandel Enviro-Metal Solutions, Maverick Concrete, and Nor-Ag. The colony held an open house in February, which approximately 800 people attended to see the latest technologies and designs, including visitors from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Montana.

Baker Colony’s barn will be filled with Genesus breeding stock in early March. When asked why Genesus was chosen for this project, management replied that their past relationship with Genesus has been second to none. On their other farm of Rosedale, Genesus animals have proven over time to be the most reliable, hard-working, easy to manage, and hardy animal, with PSY over 31 . In addition, the finished carcass from a Genesus Duroc is of excellent quality, which is required when shipping to Maple Leaf.

Genesus would like to congratulate the entire Baker Colony team on the successful launch of their new project.

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