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The live weight pig price in Vietnam is on a roller coaster from a low VND 20,000/kg (USD 0.88/kg) in the north to VND 24,000/kg (USD 1.05/kg) in the south several weeks ago the price rose up to average around VND 45,000/kg (USD 1.98/kg) and they’re headed down to average VND 33,000 (USD 1.45/kg) in the North VND 30,000/kg (USD 1.32/kg) in the South.

There are reports of a 30% deduction in the national herd size due to the low pig prices and expansion projects are generally on hold or moving slow, but the progressive companies are planning to introduce abattoirs, meat processing facilities and retail shops.

The company Vissan is moving to new premises in Long An province at a cost of US$72m with the abattoir and meat processing plants in operation in 2018. It aims to grow its fresh pork sales by 35%.

Sub-standard pork

A study by the World Bank found that 76% of the pork sold in wet markets comes from sub-standard abattoirs. Also, the survey found evidence of the use of unlawful growth promoters and heavy salmonella contamination. Vietnam still counts 35,000 abattoirs.

The biggest challenge the Vietnam pig industry faces is the image of meat hygiene, to develop legal export markets they need to clear up their act. The Vietnam Government is well aware of this and there are plans within the Department of Agriculture and Rural Developments in both HCMC and Hanoi to build new abattoirs and tighten up the laws for the production of pigs.

The Vietnam pork supply chain should work towards the future and develop farm to table supply chains with high standard modern facilities and technology throughout the chain producing pork of a high meat eating quality, traceability, meat hygiene and food safety to a standard able to open up legal export markets.

Importing semen both fresh and frozen is a cost effective solution to upgrade and maintain the nucleus herds of the larger companies at a competitive cost in the current market place, local Genesus staff can support you with this option.


The live weight pig price remains high although slightly lower as the supply continues to be tight in the Philippines with live pig prices for pigs up to 110kgs live weight  between PHP 125 – 130/kg (USD 2.4 -2.5/kg) in Luzon  and for pigs up to 110kgs live weight between PHP 115 – 120 (USD 2.2 – 2.3/kg).

Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Group (CP) is planning an investment of US$2 billion in pork and chicken production in the Philippines. The group is already active in Luzon. The project entails corn and soya bean production on 60,000 ha. President Rodrigo Duterte and Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol received a CP delegation led by Dhanin Chearavanont. (Source, Asian Pork)


The live weight pig price reduced slightly and  is currently  THB 56-58/kg (USD 1.68-1.74/kg)

MSF International the USA-based auditing firm has developed an independent certification protocol “raised without antibiotics” for animal products. Betagro, the second largest meat producer in Thailand has introduced antibiotic-free chicken products under its S-pure range. The company is targeting Singapore, Hong Kong and Scandinavia. No doubt, pork will follow.

TFG to build abattoirs

Thai Foods Group (TFG) will build two abattoirs in Khon Kaen and Chonbury. The company plans to produce 900,000 pigs in 2017. TFG recorded a profit of £34m last year against a loss of £38m in 2015. Turnover of the pig and poultry business was up 18.7% to £485m.


This market is suffering low pig prices during the last 7-8 months and the number of pigs entering their market from neighboring Countries has increased the pressure causing a reduction of 30% in the national herd size. Many Cambodian pig dealers have visited Vietnam to forge deals with the Vietnam pig farmers due to the low pig price in Vietnam,  It is estimated that up to 2,000 pigs cross the border from Vietnam to Cambodia on a daily basis.

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