Successful delivery to China for  Wens Foodstuff Group

Genesus is pleased to announce a successful shipment of high quality registered swine breeding stock to Wens Foodstuffs Group.  The load of several hundred animals arrived in Beijing on Oct 26, 2017

Wens is the largest broiler and pork producer in China and placed number two on the list of Global Mega producers. They currently have an estimated 1,000,000 sows and produced 17 million pigs last year.  Their aim is to increase output to 27.5 million hogs in two years.

Genesus continues to grow sales in China as producers look to bring the latest genetic technology to their businesses and country.  Wens chose Genesus pigs, for their litter size, growth rate and most importantly for meat quality.

Genesus Genetics based in Canada is North Americas largest exporter of high health registered purebred pigs and registers more purebreds than any other company in the world.

Genesus is proud to be working with Wens and congratulates them on their import of these animals.

  • Beijing Airport . Genesus Pigs Arrival
  • Wens - accepting delivery
  • Genesus pigs. Move to Quarantine
  • Genesus Pigs in Wens Quarantine

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