BaF Vietnam Agricultural Joint Stock Company (BaF) was founded in April 2017. As a member of Tan Long Group, BaF is known for its high-quality swine breeding and pork products for a high-quality pork market that is food safety qualified.

From the very first day of establishment, BaF’s business orientation has always followed the 3F model (Feed-Farm-Food). We specialized in the self-contained business model producing and supplying breeding stock and pork products to the market; producing animal feed; building a modern European-standard farm chain; distributing breeding stock, and high-quality meat to the market. With the ambition to reach the Top 3 Vietnamese companies regarding swine breeding from Great Grand Parents (GGP), Grand Parents (GP), and Parents Stock (PS), BaF is striving continuously to be one of the top swine breeding and pork suppliers in Vietnam market. 

The target is to have 100,000 PS sows, 2400 GGP sows, and 8,700 GP sows by 2023; and 261,900 PS sows, 2,400 GGP, 10,000 GP herds by 2030.

To achieve this ambitious goal, the Board of Directors aims to focus on 5 comprehensive criteria:

  1. Genetics Improvement – breakthrough technology
  2. Right people – right management model – right control
  3. The most modern technology design and build
  4. Right optimal nutrition feed
  5. Top biosecurity in production

When it comes to husbandry technology, factory, and biosafety, we have cooperated with leading animal husbandry technology groups in America and Europe, receiving the modern and advance technology transfer, assuring operational optimization and automation compatibility. These modern farm technologies, water treatment, and closed-wastewater treatment, altogether bringing green values for the environment.

Genesus Pigs. Picture Source: Tan Long Group / BAF

As with human resources, we proactively link with universities and colleges nationwide, have a leading reputation in training human resources in husbandry techniques and veterinary medicine. We collaborate with Nong Lam University in Ho Chi Minh City, Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry, Thanh Hoa Agriculture and Forestry College, Hong Duc University, etc. We implement training together with the school, building a program consistent with the development orientation, and commit to employment output for Universities. Therefore, BaF always has professionally trained staff, working alternately at the farms.

Regarding capital, with the support from Tan Long Group, our annual sales reach up to billions of USD in 2018. Tan Long Group was honored to be named in the top 13th of Biggest Private Companies in Vietnam. We are also partners of large banks and have always been proactive in the external capital approach.

Genesus Finisher Pigs. Picture Source: Tan Long Group / BAF

When it comes to nutrition-feed, with the experience of the number 1 feed material suppliers in Vietnam, we are the leaders in the industry to advise on nutrition, formula, and quality of food sources. We are proactive and we ensure the output quality in accordance with production criteria – no banned substances and no growth hormone.

Out of the criteria above, Breed Strategy is what makes us concern the most. The herd increase productivity depends on three factors: good breeds, good nutrition, and good management. Whether or not a business exists depends mainly on product innovation. Connecting research with technology investment is a prerequisite step to survive and develop.

With these business orientations, BaF trust to choose Genesus Inc. as a strategic partner for supplying purebred breeders. Genesus Inc. (Canada) is the Company with the largest independent registered purebred swine herd in the world that consistently year on year registers over 80% of the total number of purebreds registered in Canada.

With our competence and experience, we believe in our commitment to provide 100% certified Yorkshire x Landrace F1 breeding females to help our customers increase the value of their business by using Genesus – world’s largest independent producer of high health registered purebred swine in the world 

Besides, the highly prolific Genesus purebred is also one of the most suitable breeds for breeding conditions in Vietnam with the advantages of quick adaption to the Vietnamese climate, beautiful appearance, high appetite, producing healthy offspring with a fast weight gain.

BaF Vietnam Agricultural Joint Stock Company (BaF)

Given the above reasons, BaF Company is honored and happy to have the opportunity to become a strategic partner with Genesus Inc., especially exclusively for the local production and sales in Vietnam and Myanmar. We believe that the cooperation will be the foundation for BaF to have the best breeds at all levels from Nucleus (GGP), Multiplication (GP), and Commercial (PS) to produce a consistently high-quality Pork to be sold in the market. From there, we can proceed to create high-quality breeds and significantly improve the productivity to increase the pig herd to actively supply the market.

Currently, we are taking advantage of all resources and strengths available in the business ecosystem of the whole Tan Long Group to develop the FEED-FARM-FOOD Livestock Model in the direction of sustainable development.

  • Accordingly, BaF Company will proactively produce and provide animal feed on all farms;
  • Farm development under the model of Village Farm with an area of hundreds of hectares, applying technology in the process of breeding and post-waste treatment to serve the farming fields;
  • Building a plant to slaughter and process pork with clear origin to consumers.

Proactively in the market supply of parent breeding stock, expanding the number of commercial herds, and above all, bringing the best quality products to Vietnamese consumers, BaF is confident to obtain all of these goals, with Genesus – the leading swine genetics supplier partner in the world.

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Tan Long Group / BaF Agricultural Joint Stock Company press release.
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Phone: (+84) 274.246.1517

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